Tips for Writing and Delivering the Best Wedding Toasts

Weddings can be an exciting, but stressful, time, and coming up with a memorable and great wedding toast can be a lot of pressure! Here, you can find some great wedding speech ideas and examples of what the best wedding toasts include.Wedding Speech Ideas to Get You StartedWhether you’re the best man, a bridesmaid, or the father of the bride, the best wedding toasts all rely on a similar structure and fundamentals. First and foremost, you should start planning your speech as soon as possible. Whether you’re family members or best friends, you have a strong and personal relationship with the bride or groom, and this should be the focus of your toast. How has your relationship changed and developed over the years? What are some of your fondest memories and anecdotes about your time together? Remember that you’ll only have about 5-10 minutes for your speech, so do try to keep things short and sweet – it won’t be possible to tell your life stories to the other guests!After you’ve come up with a few anecdotes to tell, and maybe a funny (but tasteful!) joke to tell, you’ll want to start writing. Though a wedding is a formal affair, the best wedding toasts are also endearing, fun, and can connect with each guest. Do remember that weddings are a family affair, so remember to keep stories and jokes appropriate for all ages! This is not to say that you can’t have fun with your toast or include a slightly scandalous double entendre- just make sure that, overall, the language and humor are rated PG!Advice for Delivering a Great Wedding ToastYou’ve spent hours thinking of great wedding speech ideas, and now the reception has started. Don’t be nervous! Below you’ll find some great advice on how to deliver the best wedding toasts.When writing your speech, make sure you use your own words and write in a style that you feel comfortable with. You’ll be giving your speech in front of possibly hundreds of guests, so you want to make sure you’re speaking in your own words. Don’t feel the need to recite loads of jokes or tell outrageous stories because you think that’s what a wedding toast should contain. Similarly, if you’re not a hopeless romantic, the bride and groom won’t expect you to quote from a Shakespeare sonnet!It’s also important to make sure you practice, practice, practice! Try to practice giving your speech in front of friends or family members, as they may also be able to give you some additional wedding speech ideas if they’re close to the bride or groom as well. The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll be with the material, and thus less likely to trip over your words on the big day when you’re speaking in front of a large crowd. You want to be able to relax and enjoy the wedding, not be overwrought with nerves!Whether you’re giving your speech at the wedding reception or as part of the rehearsal dinner toasts, remember to abstain from alcohol until you’ve delivered your speech. Both the reception and the rehearsal dinner can involve an open bar, bottles of wine at the dinner table, and after spending loads of time practicing your speech – in addition to attending and being a part of the various other wedding-related events in the lead up to the ceremony itself – you may just really want to relax and have a few cocktails! But remember that you have all night to knock back the gin martinis – you don’t want to accidentally overindulge and be unable to walk straight before it’s your turn to toast the bride and groom! You will be standing during your speech and will be speaking to a large audience, so staying dry helps ensure that you are able to stand up straight and speak without slurring your words.Most importantly, when you deliver your great wedding toast, remember to smile, have fun and celebrate the wedding! If you use these wedding speech ideas, you will be able to write and deliver the best wedding toasts that the bride and groom will remember for the rest of their lives together!

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Choosing A Badminton Racket

Choosing the correct badminton racket can be a crucial decision, whatever level you are at. With ao multitude of rackets available these days,it can seem a little daunting to know which racket is best for you. Hopefully, with a little help, i can help you find just the right badminton racket that suits your style of play.As you search to find the perfect badminton racket you will soon get to know the more established racket companies such as Yonex, Carlton, Wilson, Head, Prince and numerous other brands, who all want you to part with your cash and select their badminton rackets. Yonex are the most successful and prominent badminton brand, but which manufacturer you choose is entirely down to you.This is where the fun begins. But with the right guidance and information you will be able to make an informed decision, so that you find the best racket for yu, and only you.All badminton players are different, with their own strengths and weaknesses. The trick is to find the right badminton racket which compliments your style of play. You can spend a lot of money on your weapon of choice, or, like most of us, you will no doubt have a limit on what you want to spend on a badminton racket. Remember, you are investing in your game, to improve your standard, so you need to choose wisely.It can be a real pain when you have spent a whole load of your hard earned cash on the latest “must have” badminton racket, only to find it doesn’t quite live up to your expectations, and you can’t understand why you aren’t playing like the glossy adverts say you should be. Guess what? you have just fallen for the marketing hype, a subtle, sneaky little trick that we experience every day of our lives. However, if you follow my advice i can guide you in the right direction, so you can make the best decision.Think of your badminton racket as the cherry on top of the badminton cake. Without the base and the ingredients your little cherry isn’t going to taste so sweet. In case your wondering what i am talking about, the base and ingredients are your game, your footwork, technique, grip, fitness and tactical ability. Without these, your new racket is much less effective, and the shuttle will not go where you want it to. In my opinion, a badminton racket you buy will give you, at most, an extra 5% to your game. The actual racket strings are probably more important than the racket itself. The other 95% is all down to you. But don’t worry about that, i can help you get the best out of yourself, so you can get the most out of your badminton racket.I have played with many different rackets over the years, from various manufacturers, and most of them offer something a bit different, sometimes good, sometimes not so good, but it’s all part of the experience of finding that one badminton racket that suits you down to the ground. It’s a great feeling when this occurs, but first you need to learn about yourself, your own game, then you can fit the right racket to your game, not the other way round.What kind of player are you? Perhaps your a power player who smashes the shuttle hard? Or maybe your a touch player who enjoys moving the shuttle around the court with angled shots and deception. Once you know what kind of game you play, you can then find out which badminton racket will bring out the best in your shots, and thus improve your badminton.If you have just started playing,the chances are that you will not know what type of player you are yet. It’s all part of learning the game. There is no point buying the most expensive badminton racket at this stage, you will probably not notice much difference in your play, trust me. However,as your skill level improves you will then start to know more about yourself and this is when you start to look for a specific racket. The more you improve, the more you will understand the basics of badminton, and you will be looking for that tiny advantage to beat your competitors, this is where your badminton racket comes in, but it will only give you a slight advantage, period.